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About us

Arc-Fil is a North American leader in strip and wire forming. We serve a number of markets including packaging components, automotive, store fixtures, paint shops, cable and telecommunications.

Our way of working draws on four principles: integrity, trust, teamwork and continuous improvement. We call this the Arc-Fil way, and it is at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve been building relationships with our customers since 1979. Our dedicated team and customer-oriented business approach are key factors that greatly contribute to our achievements. In short, our reputation depends on your satisfaction and success.

We are not only forming steel to your specifications, we shape a relationship to meet all of your needs.

Custom projects


The aim of Arc-Fil is to become a strategic partner for each of our clients by participating actively in their business process to make sure our services answer every one of their most specific needs with the highest possible accuracy.


At Arc-Fil, we invest in our relationships with our customers in many ways:

  • We listen carefully to each of our clients' needs in order to come up with solutions that best satisfy their requirements.
  • We maximize the value of the products we design by using only the best steel wire and by investing in state-of-the-art machines, thereby increasing the precision of our production chain.
  • We continually improve, one of our key values, including regular training of our specialized craftsmen to keep the Arc-Fil team ahead of the latest shaping processes, ensuring they are able to answer our clients' requests.
  • Finally, we focus on refining our processes to lower our costs while increasing the quality of our products in order to provide maximum value to every Arc-Fil client.

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Arc Fil The Right Partner