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The Arc-Fil Way

At Arc-Fil, we concentrate on creating accurate and customized products that meet or exceed our clients' needs.  We also build and maintain long-lasting relationships with every one of them. To achieve this, our processes and actions are oriented around the four following values:


We make sure that our relationship with each client is based on trust. To do so, we keep in touch with our clients during the entire creation process and provide prototypes to ensure a common understanding of their projects. We also outline every possible saving on costs and product amelioration to help them optimize their own production processes.


At Arc-Fil, everyone works together to come up with the best possible products. We make sure that customer service, product design, material procurement, crafting, production and shipping all work together to preserve and optimize the specific criteria of our clients' every order.

Not only do our people work as a team but we integrate our clients in the process. Doing so, we work together on quality improvement as well as on time and costs savings.


Integrity is at the epicenter of all our interactions with existing and potential customers. It is the reason why we cautiously choose our materials in order to maximize the quality of our products and the cost savings for our clients.

We are willing to invest every effort needed in order to provide our clients with the best possible value.  For instance, we maximize shipment sizes where possible to reduce freight costs while making sure that orders arrive on time to prevent any delay in our clients' production lines.

Continuous Improvement

As available technologies and crafting knowledge improve, we make sure that everyone on the Arc-Fil team keeps at the forefront of recent industry developments. We therefore make investment in training of our people one of our top priorities.

Moreover, we provide those skilled and specialized craftsmen with the latest machinery available to help them produce accurate steel wire frames on every job.  This in turn helps us show the quality of our work in every unit we produce.   

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