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Hooks and clips for hangers

Arc-Fil delivers the highest quality hooks and clips for hanger manufacturers worldwide. Our precision tooling ensures a perfect fit, formed to meet your needs. We also use a special thread forming process developed in-house for rotating and non-rotating designs, to ensure that hooks swivel or maintain their position as required.Hanger wire hook 


  • From .098” to .177” (2.5 mm to 4.5 mm) diameter wire


  • Galvanized, zinc, black, brass, nickel or other plating


  • Head : Round or square
  • Head-end : Ball-end, knurled, return loop or custom
  • Bottom-end : Thread, with or without regular notch or non-rotating notch


  • Full load or LTL delivery
  • Stocking program
  • Flexible lead time

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