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Arc-Fil has always been at the forefront of the latest technological developments in steel wire forming.  We achieve this by regularly reinvesting in the acquisition of new and more efficient machinery. With this equipment in hand, we can easily program the automated production of our clients' forms by, for instance, uploading their CAD drawings. Moreover, our machines can bend steel wire in multiple directions to produce any desired angle and shape.

By automating our production we also increase our accuracy, making sure that every unit we ship conforms to the most exacting specifications.

Our production methods include: Punch press, multi-slide, four-slide, continous strip and progressive die.


The machinery we use includes:

  • Multi slides machines with 29 1/2” stroke,  up to 5/16” wire and 1.500” large x 3/16” thick flat strip
  • Multi slides machines with  17 3/4” stroke and 12 tons press attachment, up to .225” wire and 1 3/4” large x .040” thick flat strip
  • Metal stamping machines up to 100 tonnes
  • Four slides machines with 23” stroke, up to 3/16” wire
  • Four slides machines with 12” stroke, up to 5/32”  wire
  • CNC Wire forming machines,  up to 3/8" wire
  • Wire straightening & cutting machine, up to 3/8" wire
  • EDM and CNC machines

Upload a drawing or Call us today!  We would be happy to assist you.

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